Shop / Showroom

To generate more sales

Every shop-owner works hard to attract more customers and generate higher sales. But sometimes these efforts need to be supplemented with a high quality Vaastu analysis. Your shop may be at a prime location but its plan might have challenges with respect to Vaastu ie may have certain Vaastu Doshas. This may slow your business down. Let us help you clear these obstacles, using our knowledge of Vaastu.

In order to achieve good Vaastu, one requires a deep understanding of the teachings and knowledge of Vaastu Shastra as well as the cosmic energy flow through the space. If the energy flow is not proper it may result in incidences like drop in sales, improper stock management, mishaps etc. Some points to consider are:

  • The orientation of the shop onto the street or the atrium of the mall.
  • The shape of the shop
  • Although one needs to keep the aesthetics & ‘retail selling research’ in mind, the location of the sales counter, the storage in the shop, the show windows; all play a role together in the success of the shop.

We at Clear Light Vāstu give accurate advice for the rectification of Vaastu Doshas, if any, based on insights gained through in-depth study of drawings of the plan and energy flow patterns of your shop or showroom.

We offer solutions so you increase prosperity in your life!

Despite major elements of the mall following the Vaastu guidelines, many of the shops do not generate enough business. Our qualified and highly experienced team at Clear Light Vāstu can definitely help you resolve that.

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