Offices / Workplace

Stress at work can trickle into other aspects of your life. We can help you reduce the stress by overlaying the tenets of Vaastu on the layout of your office space and bringing the space in sync with the Universal law.

Our services include advising on new office spaces that you wish to rent or buy. We are also able to analyse the plot of land that you want to build your office on and even provide sound Vaastu advice on your existing office building.

Vaastu check for an office plan includes analysing the design layouts, space arrangement and the spatial geometry of the plan. Placement of constituents such as:

  • the cabin of the Business Unit Head or the promoter
  • cabins or desks of the different executives-- CXOs
  • Lobby & reception area
  • file storage area and almirahs
  • other furniture placements

play a very important role in the growth of an office.

At Clear Light Vāstu we can advise such that the work-space you wish to buy or rent is proper for it to lead you towards happiness, prosperity and positivity. Reach out to us for a detailed analysis before buying or renting an office. We can also help you improve an existing office with minimal tweaks.

Place for new gains.