Farm / Farmhouse

Dwelling on a farm

The farm and the farmhouse are a serene, peaceful slice of nature, often used as a getaway from the pollution and noise of urban life. Hence it is essential to make sure that you get a top quality break from the city’s hustle and bustle and are recharged with positive energy.

The main features that can help you achieve this is the location of the features like:

  • water-bodies,
  • large boulder and outcrops,
  • utilities like generators,
  • the location of the farm house on the overall farm plot
  • and the lay of the land

All these features can also affect the general well-being of the occupants and they must be in sync with the Vaastu principles.

The expert advice that we provide will bring happiness, peace and harmony and remove many of the hurdles one may experience.

At Clear Light Vāstu we give you accurate advice for the rectification of Vaastu Doshas, if any, based on insights gained through in-depth study of detailed drawings of the plan and energy flow patterns of your farmhouse.

Heal your house to heal your Life!