Single Room Space

Sometimes one does not have control over the full office space, as the employee may want to improve his immediate environment. Have no fear for we, at Clear Light Vāstu have a service just for you! We provide Vaastu advice for just a single room, be it a bedroom at home or an employee cabin. Things to look at are:

  • The placement of the furniture
  • The main door
  • Toilet and kitchenette locations, when adjacent to the Single Space.
  • Windows.

The important aspect to remember is that the microcosm is a direct reflection of the macrocosm. This helps us beneficially influence the macrocosm by tweaking the microcosm. The microcosm being the single space in the overall layout.

Our minimum fee for the single space of approx. 150 sqft in a workplace or a house for a Vaastu analysis is usually INR 11000.