Before the culture of owning flats & apartments became so prevalent, houses were built on plots of land. Today plots are still being bought and sold but the newer developments are sparce when it comes to plots.

The smaller plots have common side walls. This physical configuration ensured that the light and heat came into the house from the front and back only. So, the depth of light penetrating into the building is limited. Due to this reason, the Vaastu of this building may become critical for the inhabitants.

On larger plots there is a side & rear setback which allows the side of the building to let in light, air and heat. Also, on larger plots a dwelling unit may be built on the one side of the overall area. Vaastu defines where that built area ought to be for the well-being of the inhabitants and especially the owner or the leaseholder.

We at Clear Light Vaastu can help you:

  • Choose a plot out of many options with the proper orientation
  • Once finalized to provide the general directions for the planning of the building on the plot
  • To review and audit the architectural plans and offer aesthetic and efficient solutions to mitigate any conflicts with the principles of Vaastu
  • To review and audit the interior design drawings and offer mitigation remedies, if required.
  • To finally see/ analyse photos and resolve specific queries with regards to the built house.

The challenges from a Vaastu standpoint are to do with:

  • The shape of the plot
  • The lay of the land
  • The road configuration in front and back of the plot
  • The orientation of the directions
  • Any trees in front or on the side of the plot which cast their shadow on the plot
  • The various levels of the building & the functions placed thereof.

Plots can be made very harmonious if the Vaastu principles are followed optimally.

At Clear Light Vāstu we can help ensure that the plot you wish to buy is on the path towards happiness, prosperity and positivity. Reach out to us for a detailed analysis before buying a plot of land and we can help you decide:

  • The location of the plot
  • The shape of the plot most beneficial for your usage.
  • The most favourable direction of the entrance
  • The design of the landscape

Rest assured, the vaastu check and advise helps bring about positivity in your life, as you follow the guidelines prescribed by Clear Light Vāstu.

Heal your house to heal your Life!