Villas / Bungalows

A villa with its multiple levels needs to take into account the placement of different rooms, without limiting the cosmic energy flow of the overall building. Bungalows are dwelling units usually in larger tracts of land.

Before renting, constructing or buying a villa or a bungalow, it is recommended that a check is done with regards to:

  • The plot shape – is it rectangular or irregular?
  • The favourable direction for the entrance
  • Any obstruction in front of the main door/ gate
  • Landscaping

such that all the conditions supplement the energy flow through the villa/ bungalow.

At Clear Light Vāstu we give you advice regarding the rectification of Vaastu Doshas /challenges based on insights gained through in-depth study of detailed drawings of the plan and energy flow patterns of your villa.

Heal your house to heal your Life!