Vaastu for home increases Happines

Happiness. We all aspire for happiness. Each one of us pursue happiness in a form that is specific unique to us. Some chase

• health,
• some wealth,
• some as meaningful relationships
• success at work
• success of our children.

We work as hard as we can to achieve these ( one or more) of these goals that we set for ourselves.
If you can relate to any of the above mentioned points, Vaastu can be your ally in a strong way.
What is Vaastu Shastra?
There are many answers to this question. I shall answer this from the dual vantage point of the physical world and the world of energetics ( subtle energy flow). Simply put: it’s the scienceand system of aligning the energies that exist inside you and simultaneously in your immediate built environment, namely your home. When is there is higher or greater alignment between the two, you feel more happiness and a higher sense of well-being.
Understanding Vaastu
As Vaastu Shastra originated in the ancient times, a lot of people are unsure of the logic system. But there is logical scientific explanation for many parts of it. At Clear Light Vaastu, we remain in this domain. The rules have an inherent consistency but have to be understood from the inside out.
The unifying aspect that I find is the flow of the subtle energies that follow the universal laws of the universe. Its not actually as complex as it is sometimes made out to be.
Science explains how holograms work. Vaastu says that we are holograms of the larger whole, even the overall universe. What is happening to you is happening in to your home. This two way relationship is the very basis of Vaastu.
How to understand this?

WE understand this relationship by seeing how the 5 main elements around us work in tandem to manifest and influence the physical universe. These are
• Earth
• Water
• Fire
• Air
• Ether

Vaastu says that a specific area of your home is under the influence of one of the elements. First we divide the house according to the 4 main/ cardinal directions, north, east, south and west. Then the parts between the 4 directions are named the quadrants eg the quadrant between the north and the east is known as the North-east and so on for the other 3.

• Earth is associated with the South-west
• Fire with South–east
• Air with the north-west
• Water with the north- east
• And the center with Ether.

Each direction and the element influence what should happen there.
The heavier functions of the house should be in the earth quadrant. Here the walls are to be thick and highest. You maybe able to put heavy materials here and even make storage provisions. This logic does not stop at the physical level and extends to the enegetics.
Energetically, it’s the most secure part of the house. It is also the part of the house for rest and renewal, thus it becomes wise to place the master bedroom there in the way we live in the 21st century.
Fire in the house is literally in the kitchen and so it should be in the south-east quadrant. Energetically, we can start to place other heat causing items in this area, like generators, electrical equipment
The North west is the air quadrant so this area has a considerable amount of movement. So place the guest room here. Energetically, we can place other items that have to be moved out and will not need to stay at the location for long.
Water is flowing element in Vaastu that is associated with wealth and it has to flow into your life. The definition of wealth is much broader than just money or assets. North- east is the quadrant that has to be in balance for wealth to flow to you.
This helps to understand the world of Vaastu a little better.